Uraw Cosmetics was established in 2015 under the roof of Asus Group to offer the best to the Turkish people.

    It has formed its product range by making long R&D and laboratory studies for products that will make a difference in the beauty sector. It has made detailed tests for each product, its approval has been obtained from the Ministry of Health, its effectiveness has been investigated by universities, the side effects have been analyzed, and the product quality beneficial to people has been reached.

    Uraw cosmetics set out to offer Turkish people "different" and "quality" innovations.

    Uraw Cosmetics, which continues to work for this purpose, first brought out the "Blue Serum Hair Remover" product, which was very much needed and has received full marks from both laboratory and subject tests. Blue Serum has been found very successful by its users, it has turned dreams into reality with its effectiveness and has become a product that can be recommended by everyone.

    As a crown to its success, the blue serum was selected as the fastest developing product in the last 2 years, this miracle product of Uraw cosmetics was awarded as the most innovative product and the most trusted cosmetic brand in 2019.

    It has put an end to hair whitening with its "prime color" product, which offers a different approach to the Turkish people, and has enabled its users to keep their own hair color. The B11 Plus product  provides repairment of damaged hair, while b5 Forte enables your hair to remain strong, vibrant and radiant and prevents hairfall.

    Uraw cosmetics offers solutions to problems with the skin, face and body such as cellulite and stretch mark creams, an Anti-Age Serum against wrinkles and it offers also an acne solution with its snail mask. All products contain ingredients that provide great success and provide definitely benefits to the user.

    In addition to its presence in the industry, Uraw Cosmetics shines also with its various sponsorships, social responsibility projects and success awards. Uraw Cosmetics takes a leading role in activities protecting democracy, human rights and the environment.

    Uraw Cosmetics, which has decided to continue its success abroad, is rapidly advancing its goal of "making a Turkish brand a world brand", which is the dream of all Turkish manufacturers. To compete with global brands by representing Turkey and making the name of our country more famous thanks to our important achievements is our biggest purpose.

    Uraw Cosmetics, which has branches and representative offices in Belgium, Germany and New York, has distributorships in 5 continents and 27 countries. Uraw Cosmetics, which makes the biggest export to the Arabian Peninsula and Europe; United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, France, South Korea, Japan, China, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Brazil, Argentina sells its products also in Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico and the United States.

    The current aim of Uraw Cosmetics is to maintain its leading and respected place at the top with the strength and confidence it has gained from the successes it has achieved in the past to the present, to increase its production capacity and R&D investments and to ensure that its products take place in every part of the world.