Blue Hair Serum

    Repairing hair care serum

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    Blue Hair Shampoo

    Repairing hair care serum

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    Blue Serum, which is a Turkish invention and has become widespread and exported to 27 countries, supports the growth of your hair. With the horsetail plant being its main ingredient, the hair gets purified and becomes much healthier and revitalized. The hair follicles are being nourished thanks to Keratin, the micro-circulation in the scalp stimulated by the organic lupine and the reduction of hair loss and hair formation visible with the help of Gentian Root extract.


    Customer Testimonials

      Mert Yılmaz (Gebruiksperiode 120 dagen)

      I have been using the Blue Serum for about 4 months. At first I was hopeless, that is why I started with 1 box but then I saw a significant improvement in only a month. I am currently on the 4th box and I have recovered more than half of my hair, which has regrown even thicker.

      Senol Serbetcioglu (Gebruiksperiode 70 dagen)

      I was going to get a hair transplant for 7000 TRY (around € 1070) but after a friend’s recommendation I started with the Blue Serum. After 2.5 months my hair grew back and not only did I escape the painful procedure but also saved some money.


    It provides regeneration and maintenance of hair that has been damaged and deformed and helps with hair loss. Keratin takes care of the hair professionally by restoring its natural moisture and softness. Thanks to its antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, keratin, which stimulates the hair roots and makes the hair grow thicker, protects the hair from root to tip.

    Horsetail Plant Extract

    It prevents the possible itching, flaking and dryness of the skin, protecting hair from internal and external radicals, and leading to faster hair growth. It helps to provide the hair thickness and reduces hair fall.

    Organic White Lupine

    While it nourishes the hair by speeding up the blood circulation in your scalp with the rich proteins it contains, it helps balance the excess oil (sebum) secretion that prevents the breathing of the hair and accelerates the micro-circulation in the scalp.

    Gentian Root Extract

    Gentian Root, which helps significantly reduce hair loss due to damage, nourishes the scalp and increases the durability of the hair. Gentian Root captures moisture in the hair strands and maintains the moisture balance of the hair. It gives the hair a healthier look and also leads to reduction of the hair loss and stimulates the new hair growth.

    How to Use by Hair Type

    Apply 2-3 drops of Uraw Blue Serum to your scalp according to your scalp and massage your scalp (friction). It is recommended to apply the serum on a clean scalp in the morning and evening. It is recommended to use the serum within the control of a doctor if you are allergic to the substances in its content. It is not a drug. Please keep out of reach of children and keep in a room temperature below 25 ° C.

    Morning and Evening
    2 Tubes

    Morning and Evening
    1 Tube

    Morning and Evening
    1 Tube

    Morning and Evening
    12 Drops

    Morning and Evening
    8 Drops

    Morning and Evening
    6 Drops

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